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Why is there more interest in pain management now?

There are 46 million surgeries per year. There are 35 million injury visits to the emergency room per year. A shifting of focus from “cure at any cost” to the “ quality of life” has taken place in this country. Chronic pain is the most expensive health care problem with spending up to $100 billion annually in the USA. 40 million people have required a physician visit per year for the top two pain issues: Arthritis and Back Pain. Chronic pain is any pain lasting 6 months or more of sustained activation whereas acute pain is localized pain. TENS treatment can facilitate rehabilitation and lessen the  pain sensation. Today there are many multimodal analgesic treatment types; Electrical Stimulation / Cryotherapy / Topical / Massage and Exercise. For a multipronged approach to reducing pain there are other non-drug interventions like meditation, healthy fats and acupuncture and more.


This information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments.

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