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??? Why was TENS stimulation invented???

 Pain needs to be dealt with effectively to have a good quality of life. TENS is an easy, non-invasive and cost effective method. Pain does not need to interfere and disrupt the everyday movements and activities that make living worthwhile. TENS is a proven, drug-free, pain management method that works with your body’s own system. The stimulation treatments release natural occurring endorphins and/or disrupt the pain messages that are sent to the brain to help you feel better without any unwanted side effects. The pain will lessen and allow you to become more active and lead a happier life.  


??? Why does PAIN even exist? ???

If pain is a chronic occurrence then it is considered a disease not a symptom.  Pain does not have any protective function within the body but it can alert the body of something wrong. It really gets your attention! Around the world there is more interest in pain management today than as few as 10 years ago because chronic pain has become the most expensive health care problem. The care of chronic pain symptoms are costing over $100 billion dollars annually in the USA alone.


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