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You have at your fingertips a drug-free, medically accepted treatment that interrupts the cycle of your pain long enough to let your body heal. As you know, the in-home or portable T.E.N.S. unit use a battery powered device, a leadwire, and electrodes.

 Prior to placing the electrode on clean, dry skin surrounding the pain site read the directions for use on the package. Reusable electrodes are applied multiple times to the skin. When the reusable electrode starts to loose its adhesiveness, spread a small drop of tap water with your finger gently over the gel to refresh it and then air dry, discard the electrodes when they are no longer adhesive. Disposable electrodes are applied once but remain on the skin like a band-aid for a couple days and then discarded. No electrode should be used with dry heat or moist heat unless under medical supervision.


For more information about TENS Therapy, visit the American Pain Society website at

This information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments.

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