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This month we would like to say a little bit about how TENS works to ease the pain. In the mid-twentieth century, scientists had a breakthrough in understanding pain which led to the GATE CONTROL THEORY. If you vigorously stimulate large nerves, the brain will ignore messages sent by smaller nerves, which carry pain signals.

The pain message from the small nerves don't travel as quickly to the brain as the touch signals from the large nerve fibers. If you barrage the brain with touch signals - in a sense, keeping the brain busy - it ignores messages sent by the small fibers. In other words, it slams the Gate shut on pain. The Gate Theory explains why rubbing a painful area of the body makes the hurt feel better.


Electrical Stimulation from TENS (Transcutaneous Elelctrical Nerve Stimulation) is akin to continuous rubbing. If you have questions regarding TENS, or would like to relate your experience with TENS, we would love to hear from you. Please call us at toll free at 1-800-456-1971 or contact us via

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