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What sort of results can you expect when using a TENS unit for treatments???


When you get relief from a tens unit, it is immediate. With mild but chronic pain the electrical current is enough to release natural chemicals to give temporary pain relief. It can be used several times daily to manage the discomfort and sensations associated with aches, arthritis and healing, etc.

With more severe pain, TENS can diminish the pain with temporary relief to make it more tolerable. TENS stimulation can enable you to get through a situation or flare-up event that could have been even more painful and debilitating. The endorphin chemical actively released into the brain during a TENS treatment may last for hours after the device has been turned off. Studies have shown the use of TENS may reduce the amount of drugs needed to control painful breakthroughs.

Between stimulation treatments the use of a topical analgesic, such as Glacier Rub™ with peppermint essential oil, can be very effective. You may also find that cold packs/hot packs, massage, body stretches, humor, socializing and relaxation techniques are beneficial, too.


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