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You want to be free of pain, right?

You may think that it would be wonderful to never feel pain. But it really wouldn’t be a good thing. Without the ability to sense pain, you’d be more prone to burns, accidents, infections and injuries. Generally, the few people who are born without the ability to perceive pain don’t live very long. Pain plays an important part in self-protection. A certain amount of pain can help us survive.


Physical problems and difficulties seem to make pain spin out of control. Unrelieved pain is the most common complaint among older Americans. It is often lifestyle and not the aging process that triggers painful chronic diseases. So the moral: get up and go. Regular physical activity is one of the best things you can do to prevent or relieve incessant pain. Change your habits so the more you do… the less intensely you’ll feel the pain. You do want to be free of pain, right?


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