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Chronic pain, like many other chronic diseases, can really lessen your vitality, shatter your belief in yourself and consume your life. If you feel pain then you have pain. There are no two ways about it. Traditionally defined, pain lasting more than 3 months moves from the title of acute to chronic. Whatever the cause of pain may be it is clear that the gateways that regulate pain sensation are blocked in the open position allowing the nerves to continue sending the pain messages to the brain.


T.E.N.S treatments flood the gateway to the brain with other messages allowing an alternate sensation to be realized and dealt with accordingly. The space of time when you can become more active, if only for a little moment each treatment, aids in breaking that pain cycle thus altering the open position of the gateways. With each treatment you undergo, you should try to achieve a bit more physical activity.  Don’t be a couch potato. The more you rest the more chronic pain you may feel. So stop lounging around and stay as active as you can with each treatment. Enjoy the day!


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