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Did You Know ? Humans are essentially electrical beings with electrical charge enough to light up a city for 24 hours? Sounds amazing! The electro-chemical nature of water, minerals and electrons within us gives us our positive charge. The stimulation TENS treatments you are using to decrease your pain is essentially using your own natural systems. The human body is amazing. We are amazing, aren’t we?

 The relatively new idea of a clothing garment that conducts electricity into the body with the use of the portable TENS device controls chronic pain. Anti-bacterial silver yarns provide stimulation over the entire garment’s cloth surface. Stimulation Gloves, socks, and sleeves are extremely effective. TENS treatments using these garments are made easier by the soft fabric conforming to the shape of the hands, feet, and knee/elbow region. As an example, some Pro Basketball players routinely use the stim gloves after games for faster pain-free recovery of their hands.

Highly form-fitting conductive StimVest garments also use silver yarn cloth electrodes placed on the interior side of the vest that will touch the skin at the most difficult to reach treatment sites. This full back vest garment, as with all stimulation garments, are by prescription only and are used with a TENS unit system by prescription only.

This information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments.

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