Conductive Garments

Stim Glove, Elbow, Sock & Knee

  • Effective treatment for those suffering from carpal tunnel, arthritic pain, diabetic neuropathy and repetitive strain disorders
  • Increases circulation, reduces edema and post-operative swelling
  • Provides comfortable, even stimulation throughout the entire surface area of the garment electrode
  • Compatible with all makes and models of T.E.N.S. electrotherapy stimulators
  • Non-gelled alternative electrode for those with skin sensitivity

Stim Vest

  • Lightweight outer shell conforms to body
  • Treating hard to reach pain sites made easy
  • Uses non-adhesive electrodes for treatment
  • Hand or machine wash
  • Soft, breathable materials for daily comfort

Those requiring electrotherapy treatments in hard to reach regions along the entire back may be fitted with a Stim Vest Full Back Conductive Garment for home use. The outer shell is made with a stretchable and lightweight fabric that allows the user to comfortably wear it all day as an undergarment. A front zipper allows the outer shell to conform to each body contour for a proper fit.

The conductive garment cloth electrodes can be affixed to the interior side of the outer shell in multiple configurations and locations for proper treatment. Once the garment has been setup, the cloth electrodes may remain affixed for consistent treatment and only need to be removed for cleaning.

MSP-LSO Brace with TENS Stim

  • Constructed of lightweight, breathable, durable materials
  • Keeps the spine aligned in its natural curvature and provides gentle compression
  • Ideal for patients suffering from chronic or post-operative pain
  • Rigid plastic inserts provide both anterior and posterior support
  • Easy to apply and adjust for a comfortable fit
  • Repositionable T.E.N.S. electrode inserts allow for T.E.N.S. treatments while wearing the brace

Deluxe Support Belt

  • Slim profile
  • 9.5" height
  • Enables treatment of lower thoracic region as well as lumbar
  • Easy velcro wrap application
  • Stimulation via T.E.N.S. unit available

Universal Lumbar Support

  • Slim profile
  • 7" height
  • Additional elastic bands for tension
  • Easy velcro wrap application
  • Stimulation via T.E.N.S. unit available

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